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Fostering an Animal

The majority of our dogs/cats are rehomed within a short space of time, but sometimes, we have special cases where animals need the extra care and attention by a fosterer before they are ready to be rehomed.

The role of a fosterer is an extremely crucial one. It’s voluntary, of course, but it can make a huge difference to the successful rehabilitation of an animal in finding a ‘forever’ home.

We try to rehome our animals as quickly as possible, but if there is a long delay for any reason e.g. they are involved in a prosecution case, then a temporary home in a loving environment is, by far, the better alternative for the future well-being of the animal.

Some animals, you’ll agree, don’t always cope well in an animal centre and this is where you, as a fosterer, could really help ……..

What is the role of a Fosterer?

  • The sharing of your home with an animal that is awaiting a permanent home.
  • Kind and attentive to the basic needs of an animal.
  • The appropriate exercise of an animal whilst in a safe environment.
  • Keeping accurate records of any expenditure relating to the overall care, including food, relating to the animal in your care so that we can reimburse you for any ‘out of pocket’ expenses.
  • Providing us with regular assessments of the animal in your care.

If you would like to be considered as a fosterer, please complete our enquiry form here.


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Help Feed Our Animals

We accept animals into our care for a wide variety of reasons, so whilst they are with us and before they are rehomed, it’s important that they settle into a regime of eating healthy, nutritious food. You can appreciate that with so many dogs to feed, we’re only too happy to ask for all the help we can get.

From as little as £1 a day, could YOU spare a little cash to ensure that our dogs have enough good food on their journey to recovery?