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Handsome Zeus is almost 3 years old German Shepherd dog. He came from a multi dog household. Despite being with other dogs he appears to have missed out on socialisation as a young dog. He will make a great pal in the right hands. He is anxious of new experiences and people. He needs to get to know you but when he does shows signs of loyalty often seen in the breed. He has had no training so needs to start at the basics probably on a one to one basis. Ideally his new home should have a large garden with solid fencing so he can't start to guard his extended territory. He loves to play. He can be a bit boisterous on playing with other dogs. He could live with a calm steady dog. Meeting Zeus would need a number of sessions at the kennels before taking home so he is not distressed and has started to bond. Hence we ask you live within reasonable travel distance to the kennels. We will support the new adopter in the transition process and early days in his new home. 

Zeus will need and experienced large breed owner and one that can help him with his problems.

If you think you can be the forever owner for Zeus the please ring 07584 571398 to make an appointment.

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