6 Years old

Max is a very intelligent boy with a strong capacity to learn new things. He is capable of being a loving and affectionate boy, but will need someone who can give him the right training and stimulation to build his confidence.
Max can be unsure of new things so a calm environment and an experienced owner will help him greatly. He will benefit from scent work, rather than ball play to build a good relationship with his new owner(s). This will help him be more responsive and sensitive to his surroundings. 
He has sadly been returned to us so the next step needs to be the forever home. This will require someone able to ask for help and take it when needed, someone with a long term view and time and patience to see him through the initial fears to build the amazing relationship he would like to offer you.
At the kennels Max has been able to walk happily along side calm, female dogs who he has been carefully introduced to, but has previously found meeting other dogs who are more energetic and vocal difficult.
For these reasons, a home without children would be advised.

If you can offer Max a new home please fill in the online adoption form with as much information as possible.

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