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Tinkerbell came into us from on of our Inspectors, she is very affectionate girl, make ideal pet for an older person, not with other cats or dogs.

She is 12 years old and available on our EARS Scheme (Elderly animal re-homing)

The EARS scheme offers a financially subsidised system for the veterinary care of an elderly animal. It also allows the adopter peace of mind when taking on an elderly pet, as the Branch will step back in and take care of the animal if the owner has to be hospitalized or, sadly, dies.

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Would you like to adopt an animal?

The RSPCA wants to find new homes for all the unwanted animals in our care. The following policies help us to make sure  that every animal finds the perfect home, where he/she can live a happy, healthy life.
  • Our re-homing process aims to make sure that pets  and owners are well matched. Once we've found the perfect  match for an animal in our care, then a home visit will be carried out by one of our trained volunteers to make sure potential adopters have thought about the implications of owning a pet.
  • Although our re-homing procedures are designed to guard against mismatched animals, if the animal doesn't settle in their new home, the RSPCA will ask for his/her return, in order to find a more compatible alternative home.

Adoption Procedure

  1. If you would like to re-home one of our animals following a viewing, you will be asked to complete an application form. The animal will then be reserved in your name.
  2. A home check will then be carried out by one of our qualified home visitors. This will be organised via a telephone call, to ensure that the visit is at your convenience.
  3. The animal will have a full health check by our vet before leaving the kennels to ensure that it is fit and healthy.
  4. A homing fee (we ask for a minimum of £70 for cats and £80 for kittens) is required from you at the time of the visit, which normally includes all of the following :-
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea & worming treatment
  • Micro-chipped (for identification)
  • Neutering
  • Veterinary Health check
  • Free Insurance for the first 4 week

Purpose of the Home Visit

  1. For us to complete the required documentation with you. Note : If you live in rented accommodation, we will require written permission from your landlord.
  2. All checks are carried out in accordance with nationally agreed RSPCA guidelines.
  3. A visit from us in your own environment is more relaxing for you. In addition, you may have questions to ask the home visitor, regarding the care and character of the animal you are adopting.
  4. We are unable to accept responsibility for any health problems which may develop after the animal has been rehomed. We, therefore, strongly advise to have your new pet insured. Naturally, the home visitor will provide you with all the appropriate literature that will enable you to do this.
  5. To provide you with contact numbers that will allow you to access support, should you be experiencing any difficulties with the animal following adoption.

After the adoption

We also carry out a second home visit a few weeks later, by prior arrangement, usually with the same home visitor. This is to ensure that the animal has settled in well and to help with any problems that may have arisen. If you are interested in adopting a CAT, fill in our enquiry form here

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Help Feed Our Animals

We accept animals into our care for a wide variety of reasons, so whilst they are with us and before they are rehomed, it’s important that they settle into a regime of eating healthy, nutritious food. You can appreciate that with so many dogs to feed, we’re only too happy to ask for all the help we can get.

From as little as £1 a day, could YOU spare a little cash to ensure that our dogs have enough good food on their journey to recovery?