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Adopt a Dog

Adopt a Dog

  • Winnie

    Winnie – Terrier

    Anyone who loves Patterdales or JRTs will love our Winnie. She’s around four years of age, very affectionate, and a typical terrier; she’s full of energy and wants to be involved in everything that her two-legged friends are doing. We are looking for a home for Winnie with a terrier-experienced…

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  • Mika

    Mika – Akita Crossbreed


    Friendly Mika is always ready for a walk or a run around the play area. This lively youngster is just a year old and full of energy, and now needs an active owner who will be able to give her the exercise she needs. Mika is a clever girl; she…

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  • Trevor2

    Trevor – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Lively Trevor is two years old and a dog with a great personality. He’s full of energy, always on the go and he just loves being with his human friends, especially when he’s allowed to come up to the office and sprawl on the sofa! Trevor is just a big…

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  • Roxy

    Rosie – Crossbreed

    ****SPECIAL APPEAL**** Friendly, affectionate and eager to please, five-year-old Rosie is great company and a lovely girl to be around. She is always in a happy mood and enjoys going out for walks and playing with her toys in the exercise area. Rosie will come to you when called and…

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Help Feed Our Animals

We accept animals into our care for a wide variety of reasons, so whilst they are with us and before they are rehomed, it’s important that they settle into a regime of eating healthy, nutritious food. You can appreciate that with so many dogs to feed, we’re only too happy to ask for all the help we can get.

From as little as £1 a day, could YOU spare a little cash to ensure that our dogs have enough good food on their journey to recovery?