Fundraising for Holly

Wednesday, 9th March 2022

This little lady is called Holly, she has come in to care after her owner has passed away. Sadly Holly has had a bit of a hard life living on an allotment for most of it. As you can see from the photo she has a very large tumour that has been left untreated and also her teeth are in a terrible state. After speaking with our vets Oakhill Veterinary Group it was thought that it was worth giving her a chance and operating on her. After having blood work and x-rays this morning the first part of her operation went ahead and are pleased to say her tumour removal and spaying has gone well. The second part which will happen in a few weeks is to sort her teeth out and possible removal of some smaller tumours. As you can imagine these operations are very costly and will be in the region of £1200 once complete. If you can help at all by donating towards the cost we will be very grateful and keep you updated on her progress. *please note if funds raised exceed her vet costs they will still go towards out regular monthly vet fees which are around £2000. Thank you again x UPDATE. Holly had a successful dental and 13 teeth out. We are pleased to say she has now got a new forever home and a little friend for company. Thank you all to help raise £1000 to the cost of these operations. The lump was a massive 2kilo's!